flyway film festival

Tomorrow I head back to the Midwest for one of my favorite film festivals ever - Flyway Film Festival. Flyway was my first ever film festival, too, so having VANITA premiere there this weekend is something really special for me, and it really hits me with how far I've come in the past two years.

VANITA will be playing twice this weekend in the Narrative Shorts block - Friday night at 9pm at the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, MN and Saturday night at 9pm at the Flyway Minema in Pepin, WI. 

If you haven't gotten a true taste of fall yet this year, this might be the weekend to do it. The fall leaves, the bluffs along the river, movies, famous Stockholm pie, and some drinking in chilly weather. 

Check out for more info and tickets to this years screenings!


the art(s) of slow cinema - an essay by nadin mai

"The horror of the unexplainable, of the mysterious, is the core of the director’s representation of vānĭtās, which comes to life through the strong acting of his regular lead actress Alexandra Loreth, who lives her role despite all the horrors that comes with it in this film."

Whenever someone takes the time to piece together something so thoughtful and beautifully written about an artwork that I'M blows my mind. This is just one of two new essays written about VANITA, directed by Kevin Pontuti. Check it out, let us all know what you think, and take a look at all of the other inspiring projects that Nadin is taking on with her website and business focusing on slow and art film:

And...we're live!

Almost exactly a year ago I first created (and paid for) this page which I promptly proceeded to ignore after my second post.

This time around things are going to be different.

YES, I am officially another 20-something year old with a blog. NO, I am not going to bother you repeatedly to read this ;) BUT, if you do want to stay up to date with my film projects, travels, the occasional recipe, or a dog pic here and there, by all means hang around! We'll try this out together.